A Welcome Letter from Meg, The path to here.

A Welcome Letter from Meg, The path to here.

A summer child, born on one of the early days of the brief warm stretch we have on the east coast, I was always taken by the smell of dewy grass, sandy beaches and of course popsicles in hand. My family cottaged every summer. Sometimes, my parents would leave me for long stretches to be with my grandparents near water and freedom to roam or chase the dog. My grandmother was an exceptional cook, she also had impeccable taste. We would bake together, garden together, make the beds with fresh linens that were hung outside to dry. She didn’t miss a beat. Always on the go, always prepared for whomever may show up for an early evening aperitif or a gaggle of grandchildren with mounting appetites surely due to that lakeside air.

I grew up with the most important women in my family being passionate about home. My mother, an equally wonderful cook and lover of design and fashion, ran her own modelling agency and continued on with a very entrepreneurial spirit about her. I didn’t entirely know it at the time but I did still feel these slivers of creativity and connection that were swirling around me.

As I grew older, there was no question that I had inherited this creative disposition that lent itself to many an art classes, competitive dance, musical theatre and any other activity my mom could sign me up for to feed that burning desire to try something new. I loved the notion of new. I loved a challenge, I loved meeting different people, I loved new endeavours and I wasn’t afraid to just go for it. I loved a new dress. That child I reference loved her summer freedom and as an adult now, the ‘new’ I love is the changing of that summer season to fall.

So here we are, the heart of the fall season. Leaves are showing off in all the ways they rightfully should, warm knits are making their debut and during a particularly unique fall this year, many of us are spending even more time inside our homes. While launching our rebrand of Meg Cassidy and welcoming the inception of our SHOP has certainly been something that we have been bustling about for some time, I couldn’t think of a better season to launch than fall. The season that made me a mother for the first time. The season that has a crisp renewal about it that to me, feels much more like that start of a new year than any January 1st has.

My path has had many evolutions. I am particularly proud of this endeavour. I have quietly pecked away at this project for what I could say is years. I always wanted a space that I could share it all. Share our design work, share our love of home and lifestyle. Now, as we start small with some really exciting plans in the works for the shop, I am constantly remembering those slivers of my time growing up at home. It is a feeling, it’s the aroma when you walk in the door, the plates on your table and linens on your lap. It’s the bag that you rest on the floor and the smell of your skin. It is everywhere, it is every last detail. It’s all a story and I am so grateful to have you be a part of it.



Images, Lauren Miller