Meg Cassidy Creative is a full service design firm dedicated to Residential Interiors. Our work spans from ground up custom homes to large scale renovations along with furnishings and decor.

Our Approach

Our approach is highly collaborative and includes working with professionals across all trades and disciplines for seamless execution and beautiful results. We are passionate story tellers looking to uncover the opportunities of each space to make them unique to our clients. We are also creators of custom pieces that truly embody the essence of the space.

Our Story

Meg initially began her career in Event Marketing upon graduation from University. After freelancing in the design space for several years, Meg officially started her own firm in 2017 and has embarked on several exceptional residential projects with clients spanning all across North America.

Meg is known for her always sophisticated and paired back approach to design. She believes a curated home that is highly intentional and thoughtfully furnished, results in longevity as well as a more meaningful story. Meg’s clients often remark on her ability to marry simplicity with tremendous attention to detail.

Meg grew up in the fashion industry while her mother ran a successful modelling agency which surely influenced Meg’s interest in the design space. Meg resides in Toronto with her husband and two young girls. She is also a strong advocate for the visual arts and enjoys abstract painting.

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