Good Fortune Pendant Necklace

Good Fortune Pendant Necklace


In collaboration with Kaja Erika Jorgensen, the Good Fortune Pendant Necklace is your beautiful everyday jewelry designed with symbols of good fortune.

This necklace is soft yet bold in it’s visual presence. A vision that Meg and Kaja both share within their brands. Always considering timelessness with modern sophistication.

There is an organic feel to this piece that makes it feel so natural when you are wearing it. Imperfectly shaped circles and petite diamonds set in 14k gold.

An opportunity for softness and self expression, a piece to hold for a lifetime resting close to your heart.

Meg Cassidy – Jewelry
Meg Cassidy – Jewelry

Product Information

14k solid yellow gold chain and pendant.

Adjustable length 14"-16" long.

Diamonds on pendant and bail.


Other Info

Designed and made in Toronto, Canada