Teak Milk Stool, Small

Teak Milk Stool, Small


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As designers, we are often looking for vignette moments in a home, or a simple opportunity to bring in texture, beauty or an element of interest in to a space.

Stools, although have been an element seen in homes forever, there has been a welcome nod to the stool lately that has them acting as that final piece, every well designed home should have.

This milk stool is a timeless, solid, wooden stool in pure teak wood.

This version is for the small stool which pairs beautifully as a duo with the large stool.

MC_Milk stool small 2
MC_Milk stool 2
MC_Duo milk stools

Product Information

length 33cm, width 33cm, height, 32cm


Other Info

Made from pure teak wood.